Win32 API for Harbour and xHarbour

WinDock is a clip4win-compatible Win-API for Harbour and xHarbour. WinDock includes various helpful functions. In addition, the WinDock-Toolkit is a large Class-Library including a huge variety of features, such as App-Classes, Browser, TreeView, Tabbed-Dialogs, Nettable, Edit Masks and much more...

Roessler Software started developing software with dbase in 1987. By the time when John Skelton offered his first version of Clip4Win, we ported our Time-Control Application using Clipper 5.2d and Clip4Win to Windows (16-Bit). As we were lacking a lot of functionality, we started to develop a Library called Clip2Win using MSC.

Over the years, we acquired a lot of inside knowledge about Windows, so that in 1994, we started teaching others to develop software using Clip4Win and Clip2Win. When John added a class-library to Clip4Win, we tested it thoroughly, but we had major problems using it. As a result, we developed a class-library called OO4WIN. A Mail-library with classes for smtp, ftp, etc. followed.

In 2003 we conducted trials with C4W32 and Harbour. After solving a couple of problems, our libraries started working fine with Harbour. But since John only supported Harbour and MSC 6.0, we began to develop our own WinAPI for Harbour and we soon achieved very satisfying results.
Further, we decided to offer our newly created WinAPI as open source using the same license-model as Harbour (LGPL), and named it WinDock - as in a Dock for Windows in the Harbour.

Investing more time into WinDock, we were able to make it compatible to xHarbour, and besides MSC 6.0, you may also use MINGW for compilation, now.
WinDock includes most functions of the 32-Bit Microsoft WinAPI and all functions of our former Clip2Win-Library.
Our OO4WIN Class-Library is also offered as open source under the dual-licence-model (such as mySQL).
The OO4WIN Library has been renamed to WinDock-ToolKit (TK) and is also available for Clip4Win (16-Bit and 32-Bit).
However, WinDock itself is not available for 16-Bit environments - please use Clip4Win 4.0 instead.

We hope that many developers will be happy with WinDock, the WinDock-ToolKit and the functionality they provide and will hence spread the word to make our community grow and help our product getting better.

Thank You.
Your Roessler Software Development Team

If you have questions, call +491719545254 or send email to and use as name siegbert.roessler.